City Palace, Kota

The City Palace (Rao Madho Singh Museum ): Mural Paintings in City Palace cover large area’s of the walls. More than 300 original Miniature Paintings of Kota School of Art (17th to 19th AD) can also be seen at this Palace Museum .

The palace complex of Kota holds the place of pride for the Hada rulers, who had put the foundation of their expanding empire at the same place where the chief of Bhil tribals was slain. The Chambal river provided natural protection to the palace from three sides. The Gulab Mahal, Which faces the river was built by Maha Rao Ummed Singh II and adjoining Purana Mahal belongs to the time of Jet Singh. the Arjun Mahal, Hava Mahal, Divan-E-Aam, Akhada Mahal, Kanvarpadi Mahal are worth a visit for their wall paintings depicting floral and faunal diversity, hunting scenes, processions and scenes from the legend of Lord Krishna, who is the ruling deity of Kota.

The government museums of Kota and Jhalawar have a good collection of antiquities. The visit to these museums will surely be an enriching experience. The Rao Madho Singh museum is a private collection of items belonging to the erstwhile rulers of Kota. The collection is kept at Garh Palace, Kota and the miniature paintings and the wall paintings are a must-see for the tourists therefore a visit to this museum is recommended.

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