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Mathuradhish Temple Kota

The rulers and their subjects welcomed and assimilated the migrants of all faiths and beliefs. Some of the most sacred places of Jainism, like Chandkheri, Keshorai patan, Unhel and the rock cut Buddhist monasteries are found in Hadoti. Many sufi Saints came from as far as Persia and made this their home to spread the message of love for all humanity.

This is the most important seat of Vallabhacharya sect of the devotees of Lord Krishna. In 18th century, the then ruler of Kota, Durjanshal brought the image of Lord Krishna from Bundi. Seated in heart of the city, the Lord bestows his blessings on the masses.

Keshav Rai Temple Keshoraipatan

The Pattan of yore is called Keshorai patan because of the resident deity of Bundi state Shri Keshavrai ji. The Hada rulers are staunch Krishna devotees and therefore they had named their capitals as Brij Nagar, Brij Dham or Nand Gaon.

A Majestic medieval temple stands on the bank of Chambal river, which adds to it an aura of unparallel beauty. A fair is held in the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov) when the devotees take holy dip in Chambal river and seek the Lord's blessings.

Sun Temple

Amidst the hubbub of a crowded marketplace, the temple of Padmanabh Vishnu bears testimony to the rich past of the place. The temples were the most important centers for cultural and religious activities and bore the stamp of aesthetic fervour of the time. The temple has been renovated and added-on anumber of times.

The sanctum and the pillared Sabhmandap are old but the Chhatries and the statues of the roof belong to the time of Jhala Jalim Singh. The assembly hall has three gates which are adorned with Toran and latticed motifs in relief.

Chandrabhaga Temples

A cluster of ancient temples stands on the bank of Chandrabhaga river, about 6 Km from the town of Jhalra Patan. A Kartik fair takes place here in the month of Nov. the temple architecture is of Gupta period, which have beautifully carved pillars, Torans in stone relief.

The temple of the main deity Lord Chandramaulishwar is in a well protected state and the temples of Mother Goddess and Lord Ganesh are also worth seeing. A large fair is held during Oct-Nov each year in which cultural and folk programs are organized by the department of Tourism.


Adinath Jain Temple Chandkheri
The temple of the first Tirthankar Adinath ji is situated at Chandkheri near Khanpur. A place of great reverence for the devotees of Digambar Jain sect is under renovation and has very good facilities for the piligrims. The polished red stone image of Adinath ji dates back to 5th century AD and was placed in its present residence in 17th century.

The subterranean sanctum (Bhaunra) also has images of Swami Parashwanath ji, Chandra Prabhuji and Sambhavnath ji. the devotees have witnessed a number of miracles at this place.

Parshwanath Ji Unhel

Nageshwar Parshwanath Ji Temple Unhel
This is the most important center of piligrimage for the devotees of Shwetambar jain sect in Hadoti. The pilgrims from Maharashtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh throng in large numbers to pay their obeisance to Swami Nageshwar ParshwanathJi.

The black stone 4-2 M image has been shown standing on a lotus flower with snakes providing shade to the Lord. The image was consecrated at this place by Acharya Abhay Giri Ji in 10th century. The nearest railhead Chaumahala is well connected from Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Indore, Jaipur and Delhi by train. The facilities for the devotees are excellent.

Buddhist Monasteries

Buddhist Monasteries of Kolvi and Vinayaka
Located on the red mud bank of Kyasari river, a hillock holds a rock- cut Buddhistmonastery of immense significance. The monasteries of Kolavi and Vinayaka stand close to the state border with Madhya Pradesh in south east Rajasthan.

They are situated 95 Km from Jhalawar and the nearest railhead in Bhawanimandi. This group of monasteries belong to 7th century AD and have whole blocks of prayer halls, sutpas, temples and double-storeyed living quarters.

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