Hadoti Specialist

Mr. Jaivir Singh

Palaitha Estate
Civil Lines, Station Road,
Kota – 324001 Rajasthan

Tourism Work Profile

Jaivir Singh, from Palaitha in Baran Dist. Presently residing at Kota.
Born : 5th November 1937.
S/o (Late) Lt.Gen. K. Bahadur Singh, Retired Army Commander and Lt. Governor of Himachal Pradesh.
Educated at The Doon School, Dehra Dun.

Work Experience

Served with The Assam Company Pvt. Ltd. at their Tea Estates from 1958 until The Company decided to withdraw its interests in India in 1970. Owing to his service record the Company offered him a life Pension from their London office, which he accepted.

Tourism Experience

He escorted Tour Groups from 1976 to 2008.
He worked with : Travel Promotion Bureau, Indoculture Tours, Indebo Ind. Pvt. Ltd. & Indo Asia Tours.
Worked with Abercrombie & Kent from 1986 untill 1996.
Between 1995 & 2008 he worked with International Ventures and Travel, and partly with Distant Frontiers Tours.

Some of the Groups Escorted by him were

Some of the groups escorted were : Ornithologist & Wild Life, V. I. P. Pushkar Tour, Gujrat / Rajasthan Tour, North India / Nepal Tour, Royal British Legion to N. E. India, Southern India Tour, and Crystal Symphony pre-cruise Tour.
Amongst the special Tours Escorted for Abercrombie & Kent India were the Royal British Legion Group - tour of the War Cemeteries in N. E. India.
Southern India Tour’s, and Crystal Symphony pre-cruise Tour. All most all A & K Tours Groups Traveled round India and finished in Nepal.
Some of the tours escorted for International Ventures and Travel are from Walnut Hill Institute, Smith College, Aspen Institute , The American Museum of Natural History, Harvard Museum of Natural History, and M F A Gallery Instructors Tour.
During these years he also experienced some different aspects of Tourism in India.

Some of his experiences are as mentioned below

He established the First two Tourist Camp Sites in Rajasthan at Jaipur : Jaipur Inn & Achrol House - between 1975-78.
He was the General Manager of The Shikarbadi Hotel, in 1982 & 1983 - HRH Resort & Hotel at Udaipur.
He worked as a Senior Administrator for two years with the Canadian CIDA Sub-Soil Drainage Project at Kota, during the Kuwait War disruption of Tourism in India - from 1990 to 1992.

Promotion of Tourism in Hadoti

Rajasthan as a whole has the largest number of Foreign & Indian Tourists visiting in India, after the Taj Mahal in Agra. Unfortunately Tourism in Hadoti has not yet been promoted successfully.
Having seen the growth and development of Tourism in India, he has been trying to promote Tourism in Hadoti since the late 1980’s. Finally on September 27,2005 a Society for Development of Tourism in Hadoti was formed by name of Hadoti Tourism Development Society.
At present he is the President of the Hadoti Tourism Development Society and Members of the Society are making a joint effort to promote Tourism in Hadoti.
Owing to his past experience and record many of our Indian Travel Agents are using him as their Local Agent in Hadoti for there Foreign Clients. He operates his Travel Office under his own name – ie : Jaivir Singh.
He has very well appointed Bed Rooms at his Jaivati home for a Tourist Home Stay.
Rajasthani Thali and Meals are served against advance booking / orders. JAIVATI Hospitality can be compared with the best in Hadoti.
Photo’s & further information are available on request through him at :

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