Kolvi Cave

Ancient Buddhist Caves located in and around the village of Kolvi, Vinayaka & Hathiagor are of great importance, both archeologically and historically. A colossal figure of Buddha, carved Stupas are some of the highlight of these Caves. These caves prove that a flourishing Civilization existed here several centuries ago & under the Buddhist influence.

The Buddhist caves at Kolvi was the Monastic complex comprising about fifty rock cut caves carved out in the laterite rock hill. Most of the caves on the south side are still in good condition. Though Buddha images are carved in niches but the absence of Bodhisattva figures suggests influence of hinayana here. Some of the caves have either are either open or have pillared verandah. The complex has chaityagriha, stupa, and a sanctuary inside with a colossal figure of seated Buddha in a dhyana mudhra on a pedestal. Having been open to nature these caves have suffered heavily yet the remains are of importance.

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