Doria Saris

Kaithoon Village - Famous for Doria Saris
Pure Kota Doria saris can be found only in Kota, but the people who originally weaved them were not from here. They were brought to Kota in 17th century by the Rao of Kota who was in Mysore with his army when he came across the weavers of the doria cloth. This cotton and silk fabric intricately woven with colourful floral motifs caught his fancy. He brought its makers to Kota. Interestingly doria weaving has now diedout in Mysore and is flourishing only in Kota.

The finished fabric is also known as Kota Masuria (from the word Mysore) as a tribute to its original ancestry. Kota is also celebrated for its painted ceramics and black painted pottery, filigree work (thin strands of silver or gold wound around ornaments), calico (heavy cotton cloth) printing and lacer work on toys and inexpensive ornaments.

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